When is the Last Time You Met an Alien?

March 27, 2021

Abductees usually have no memory of their abduction other than strange dream memories and ringing in their ears when they try to think about it. Like me, you may have strange dreams of aliens, and you may have an eerie feel in the morning that “something happened last night” but no evidence, just a lingering ringing in your ears. 

Aliens have been abducting humans for decades now, and they have carefully covered any potential memories with screen memories. Occasionally breakthrough memories come to us as dreams that we easily dismiss.

Have you ever had an abduction dream? Do you believe aliens exist? It’s nearly impossible not to expect that aliens are out there – given the vastness of our universe and the billions of possible life-bearing planets.

Have I met aliens? Perhaps, given the dreams, I have had. The first chapter of my Science Fiction space opera thriller, Earth’s Ultimate Conflict, is an actual event that happened to me. I tell it from my character perspective to protect my identity, of course. 

You may never know if you were abducted, and neither will I unless I have a hypnotic regression session, which I’m not in a hurry to do. Instead, I have a legion of aliens in my imagination that create the stories and plotlines in my books. 

So, I meet new aliens on a pretty regular basis as my stories go deeper into space. The interesting thing about meeting aliens, real or imagined, is that they also have life issues, like relationships, political, and spiritual. 

Spiritual, you may ask. Yes, you may think that advanced species would not have a religion or belief in a creator. One thing I have discovered, in my writing endeavor, is that as well laid out as my plot is when I put my fingers to work on the keyboard to tell my tale, my characters take the lead. They change the plotlines as they reveal themselves, their worlds, their history, and their beliefs. I have yet to meet or imagine a species that doesn’t believe a powerful creator was the architect of our universe. 

It is my belief, that as we go through this time of COVID, new medical advances, and new space exploration, our belief in a creator, no matter what religion, will become stronger. It will also become more obvious to us that God has given us life. I believe this very deeply because one thing I have learned from writing and research, is that aliens need to be recognized as possible teachers of our world religions. They, the Ancient Astronauts, came to give and teach us. What a beautiful gift given that Easter is around the corner and as usual, provides us renewed spiritual energy. 

In the Gray Guardians Book Series, I have created new alien species, new worlds, new creations. that we will be trading with our alien allies and the Galactic Union to support peace. So, if you haven’t met an alien lately or you are looking to meet a few more, please pick up copies of my first two books in the series “Earth’s Ultimate Conflict” and “Escape From Nuur”. The third book “The Journey” is in editing and will be available in 2021. The Gray Guardians Series will be a series of eight exciting revelations of possibilities.

I invite you to have a reading experience with real or imagined aliens – they have so much to share.


Gray Alien Fingers

September 3, 2019

Recently I broke two fingers:  my ring finger and the pinky on my right dominant hand, the day before my daughter’s wedding.  Not the greatest timing, but I made it through the wedding, hiding my cast from photos for the four-day affair.  It’s been a journey of doctor appointments and occupational therapy since then, trying to get them back in working order.  Unfortunately, I have to go the next step and have surgery to fix my mal-rotated ring finger.  This has certainly put a crimp in my completion of Book Three in the Gray GuardiansSeries.

This problem with my fingers got me wondering about the Gray aliens I write about.  They have three fingers and one thumb.  How do they handle broken fingers?  I imagine the healers simply stimulate the healing process and the digit is miraculously returned to normal in a few seconds.

Must be nice to get along with three fingers, though.  I have found typing difficult and frustrating since my ring finger cannot locate the correct keys on my keyboard, the way it used to.  Plus, due to its misalignment it pushes my pinky outward, missing the intended key.  Arghhhhhh!

So how do my Gray alien friends enter vital historical information, population records, operation manuals, etc. into their databases?  Do they have a keyboard created for three fingers?  Is their alphabet less or more than ours?

In Book Two of the Gray GuardiansSeries, Escape from Nuur, a character named Gar is in charge of the COM Desk and all that keeps the Pyramid City of Nuur protected and functioning.  Much of it he would tell you is old technology as the city is over a century old, so he still has some screen touch and a few buttons.  He has made some upgrades, so the majority of information he enters is with a touch-thought process.  He simply places his hand on a plate that has an image of an alien handprint and thinks the information into the data system. Gar has also added a touch plate with a human handprint to accommodate the young human he is training on the COM Desk and all of its assets.

For work, as you can see, aliens need their fingers just as we do only to a smaller degree.  However, just like humans, fingers are used for play, creating art and sculptures, creating many new inventions, tending to crops and flowers, petting our pets and most importantly, tenderly touching a loved one.

Fingers are an important part of our sense of touch, which the Grays are just beginning to re-learn since they spent over a century of their long lives celibate and lonely.  Touch has become a joy as well as their deepest heartache, as they deal with relationships that fail.  Touch was once so strictly enforced it is now similar to a drug to the Grays, who are unable to control going from a kiss to their ultimate passionate desire.  Sadly, most often they will never be contacted again by their current love interest, rejected for the next conquest as they mistakenly overdose on touch.  Their emotional stamina isn’t equipped to handle the loss of their one-night stand, let alone a longer relationship.  Murders of passion and suicides are rampant.

Fingers, Gray or Human, are extremely important.  To what magnitude is very relevant to the culture facet of our lives.  As I pondered my finger dilemma, it seems quite minor compared to what the Grays are going through.

Time will heal my fingers.  You’ll need to read Book Three, The Journey, to discover the fate of the Grays.


People Ask Me If I Have Been Abducted . . .

December 12, 2018


Alien abduction in the middle of the night


Because I write alien science fiction, I am often asked if I had been abducted.  This is possibly because much of what I write depicts the abduction process true to many people’s experiences.


I have not attempted to discover if I am an abductee or not.  However, I have had a number of episodes that could be an indication of being taken.  My earliest recollection of odd events began when I was an infant.  I have a very vivid memory of being in the sky above my home.  Then, returned seamlessly into my parents’ bedroom where my crib was only a few feet away.  I was frightened by the experience, but I was within the arms of a being who seemed to understand how fearful I was.  She lifted the palm of her hand and a small orb lit the room enough to see my parents sleeping peacefully in their bed.  An unspoken voice in my head said, “There, see your parents.  You are now back home,” and I was placed back in the crib.  I don’t recall seeing the face of the being who deposited me home, but I do recall it disappeared in an instant.


This incident never left my thoughts as I grew older.  I remember asking my mother about that night when I believe I was four years old.  She simply passed it off as a dream.


I believe many of us have dreams that actually could depict an abduction in our past.  If they are like me, that dream is a haunting reminder that “something” happened, but aren’t interested in discovering the in fact they possibly were abducted.  Why?  Because even though today there is more of an acceptance of aliens, anyone who claims they were taken by them still is subject to being ridiculed, or not fully connected with reality or worse, by a large portion of our population.


Face it – dreams, good or bad, are manageable explanations.  Discovering proof of abduction by hypnotic regression is a frightening thing, even if the experience wasn’t entirely bad.  It’s not always easy to face the truth.


There is ample opportunity for me to discover if aliens are part of my life, but there is that mystery of the unknown that I believe has helped me create my books.  The idea for the Gray Guardians Seriessprang from a dream that was so intense I couldn’t help but begin telling the tale, and it is still the basis of all my creativity.


So to answer the question, “have you been abducted,” go to my website:  https://www.grayguardians.comand listen to or read the first chapter of Earth’s Ultimate Conflict.  The event depicted, although the names have been changes to protect the innocent, is an actual, terrifying event that happened when my daughter was three months old.  From that point on in the book is speculative, future fiction, but who knows?


You be the judge.

Halloween: A Perfect Day for Aliens to Walk Among Us

September 17, 2018

Is it Really Robot?

Halloween is a day we love to disguise ourselves and become things that we are not! Mankind is infatuated with this costumed night and spend thousands to transform into monsters, dragons, ghosts, witches, goblins, our favorite TV or movie characters, etc. Some will dress as objects like boats, trains, and cars. One of my favorites was a woman who dressed as her favorite cocktail – a martini glass with two olives.

While we are busily getting ready for parties and the traditional walking down the streets of cities and towns we may have others who have also decided to dress up in costumes to mingle among us. Halloween is a perfect day for aliens to cover themselves from top to bottom with a costume meant to allow them to mingle with the people of Earth to enjoy the many facets of our nature.

Why would they want to get involved with us on Halloween?

Well, I guess it all has to do with why they are here. By many accounts, they are not only here, but they have been here for centuries. It seems to me that one could assume they like humans and have come to care about us. We may be partially their creation so they would certainly be interested in how we live, love, and enjoy our lives. I can’t believe they made their way through light-years of space to harm us. I think they most likely have fond memories of contact with us.

“Humans make us laugh”
                                Guardian Ambassador Tuchu
From the book Earth’s Ultimate Conflict

Who knows how many times they have infiltrated our Halloween tradition to enjoy our sweets and festivities. In the wonderful movie ET, they costumed an alien so they could usher him through their town unrecognized and help him get home. What a perfect cover! Just that movie alone could have given our space friends the idea to mingle with humans for fun. Fun isn’t just a human experience.

So while you are at your parties and enjoying the spooky, and sometimes wickedly joyful Halloween trick or treat customary knocking on doors you may want to pay close attention to who is behind you. Or perhaps its that small crowd in front of you that keeps looking back and eyeing you. Is it your candy they are after? Are you about to be yet another alien abductee? Or are they just messing around with you? Giving you a good scare for the evening.  I’m sure many will be enjoying another laugh….on us.

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Readers agree, you will never feel the same about the occasional ringing in your ears!




Do You Hear Us Coming for You?

May 6, 2018


It is well-known that thousands of people worldwide claim to have been abducted by aliens.  One thing they share is experiencing a strange ringing or buzzing in their ears just prior to the abduction.

Experiencing a premonition to an impending abduction could be one reason for the disturbing sounds.  However, others feel it is a previously implanted alien tracking device that activates once the alien ship or ships are near.

Theoretically, they implant the device into their desired victims at a very young age and continue abductions for many years.  Entire families are often their prey, especially if they are productive reaping for DNA.  Females are desirable for breeding their alien-human hybrid children.

Now, some of you are wondering what reason aliens would have to steal us during the night or day and use humans to create this new hybrid race.  There are many possible directions we could go with that.  Perhaps they are experimenting with our genetics to create a new species that will eventually intermingle with humans.  Presumably the Grays, who are most identified as the abductors, are attempting to create a bridge between our species and pave a way to peacefully coexist with us.  They may be certain by now that humans will care for the hybrid children.  Often, hybrid children are reunited with one or both human parents.  During these visits, the parents often recall the Grays closely guarding the hybrids, observing how the parents welcome their offspring, even if they are not completely human.

Another reason for abductions could be that the Grays are mutants trying to reverse-engineer a gene pool of human and Gray DNA to recreate their original, thriving species.  In this scenario, we humans would be entirely experimental breeding subjects.

We cannot overlook the fact that perhaps they are simply playing cosmic gods, creating a new species to place on a faraway planet and observe their ability to develop and grow a new civilization.  Maybe even prod and poke them into their desired creation.

So now we have theorized why they are abducting humans, and that takes us back to the ringing in the ears of potential abductees.  Is the ringing in the ears an accidental side effect of the implant they use to track humans?  Or do you think they intentionally give a heads up that “we’re here and coming for you” . . . maybe tonight?

Still, we must consider that humans have premonitions and instincts that creep into our daily lives as an alert or warning to be prepared.

Do you experience ringing in your ears?  Have you ever suspected you’ve been abducted by aliens after a strange dream, a tossing and turning night, or a strange memory?

The Grays are the subject of the Gray Guardians Book Series.  Within this sci-fi saga, you will discover a perspective on aliens you may not have considered.

What if a worldwide pandemic, increased seismic activity and climate change are all linked to aliens and alien abductions?  What if our world is being manipulated by aliens?

Earth’s Ultimate Conflict and Escape from Nuur are the first two books in the Gray Guardians Series, available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook formats.

Readers agree – you will never feel the same about the occasional ringing in your ears again.

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When is the Last Time you Saw a UFO?

March 18, 2018


In the past, I would ask if you have ever seen a UFO. With our government taking more of an interest in UFOs coupled with the continuous Vatican UFO investigations it doesn’t appear to be the correct question any longer. The fact is, more people now than ever in modern history see UFOs, and we have thousands of videos, photos and eyewitness accounts. So the more appropriate question is when rather than if you have seen a UFO.

I know, I know there is no proof other than the collective eyewitness’s, videos and photos of UFO’s and alien sightings. What they call circumstantial evidence. In this case, circumstantial evidence is a series of facts stated by a multitude of witnesses often supported with video proof of UFOs. In a court of law, this amount of circumstantial evidence provided to a jury regarding let’s say a murder is taken very seriously when presented. It could potentially put someone in prison for a long time.

So why is circumstantial evidence taken so seriously for murder and many other crimes, but aren’t considered the proof alien existence and their earthly visitations? I understand many of the videos are grainy but have you seen the out of focus conveniences store robbery security videos? Somehow from those blurry videos, they manage to get the perpetrators ID and there is no question they found the right guy, right? The videos are plastered all over the news as proof the robbery took place and they are able to obtain hundreds of tips on how to find the unknown subject within hours or minutes of it being aired.

Nearly all the evidence on alien existence is, of course, circumstantial and therefore subjected to doubt and disbelief. However, even the physical proof of alien implants being extracted from alien abductees is explained away buy most. If a bullet was found in a holdup victim that was made from metal that wasn’t from this earth would it be believed? An implant is pretty much the same as a bullet. It is put in a human body by force and should be considered factual evidence just as a bullet would be. But no, not so with anything alien. In fact is seems all evidence of aliens is considered as more proof they don’t exist. It’s not clear enough, the witnesses are not believed, and the physical evidence is always questionable leading us to one solid undeniable fact. What is believable circumstantial evidence from a crime scene will never be accepted as proof of alien existence, period.

In the Gray Guardians Space Opera Book Series, I delve into the disbelief aliens exist and how potential ‘Men In Black’ types are dedicated to keeping all alien contact hidden with denial and disinformation. The fact that we are very intentionally kept in the dark and the reasons why will stun you.

Gray Guardians is a fictional book series, but you will wonder where reality ends and fiction begins. Also discover a plausible reason for aliens to visit Earth and why they abduct humans.

The first two books in the series are available at:





A Raving Review of “Earth’s Ultimate Conflict”

January 22, 2018



Book one in the Gray Guardians Series

There are times an author needs to give potential readers, libraries, websites, or publishers a description that excites readers enough to choose their book(s) over other possible reads. The back of the book descriptions are vital and many authors enlist help to make that description successful enough to attract readers.  Luckily there are reviewers out there that are able to express your work in a way an author cannot.

You see authors explain their work from within their deep understanding of what they want you to know about their story and characters. However, reviewers and book review bloggers deliver a new dimension when they tell your story from their experience as a reader. Their descriptions make an author swell with pride knowing that the reviewer/reader “got it”! They didn’t just read your story, they experienced it on a deep level they want to share with others. A raving review is an author’s dream having sometimes laboring for years to publish their story.

One such reviewer recently reviewed, Earth’s Ultimate Conflict! I have been a fan of the Red Headed Book Lover Blog and the in-depth reviews and wonderful variety it presents to potential book readers. It is a great place for readers to find the genre and book for their next experience. I highly recommend this Blog for readers of all genres.

I am thrilled to share the wonderful review, Aimee Ann of the Red Headed Book Lover Blog, bestowed upon Earth’s Ultimate Conflict!

Read the full review here:





The Gray’s or the Guardians: Who Do We Trust?

September 1, 2017

President Barbara Unger looked up to see Looc and three companions. All the doors to the Oval Office closed simultaneously, without aid, as the Grays gathered around Guardian Ambassador Tuchu.

“Your interference has again caused mayhem and confusion. You know very well this planet is headed for destruction.” Looc had taken a decidedly threatening stance.

“You are correct that Earth is indeed in trouble, but we still have time to heal this planet before the pollution problem is irreversible.” With a wave of his hand, Tuchu added, “These people have agreed to join our Galactic Union. That makes them our allies and gives them our protection,” Tuchu paused a moment and let a smile cross his face, emphasizing his last two words, “from you.” He liked the effect it had on Looc.

President Barbara Unger knows Earth has been manipulated by the Grays, but are the Guardians friend or foe? Into whose hands will she place the fate of the human race into?


Available in Print eBook Audiobook




We’ve Been Listening to Humans for Centuries

August 5, 2017


“I don’t mean this in a negative way, but humans make us laugh.”

                                   –Guardian Ambassador Tuchu  

“Would you like to know what else we are thinking about you?”

Earth’s Ultimate Conflict is now an audiobook.

Listen to an audio sample: