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A Woman Writing Science Fiction

September 15, 2010

Here is a link to a guest blog I did for “Your Book is Your Hook” after my recent interview.


Alien Abduction ~ What Do You Believe?

September 1, 2010

Since the 1960’s there have been several thousand, everyday citizens reporting alien abductions.  Among them are lawyers, police officers, and librarians – not people you would call  “crazies”, real people depicting similar abduction events.

Are alien abductions a figment of collective imaginations?

Let’s take a look at this possibility. Each year thousands of new abductions are reported. The reports come from people in all walks of life, different parts of the country, each giving the exact same details of being abducted and subject to a medical examination. People who don’t know each other and have never read about or investigated alien abduction because it was a foreign strange tabloid type story. It is a fact though, that unrelated people often come up with the similar creative ideas at the same time. Could alien abduction be such an idea?

Flights of fantasy don’t leave physical evidence behind.

The discoveries of alien implants or physical scars produce some of the most convincing evidence that an abduction has taken place. Alien implants have been extracted and examined, most mysteriously disappear. Some are made of materials unknown to man, and have strange markings, while others have been identified as common earthly materials such as tiny glass shards.

The reality of what happens to an abductee is something they are forced to come to grips with overtime. Usually a break through memory, a recurring dream, finding odd healed over scars, nose bleeds, or ringing in their ears prompt victims to investigate the possibility that they have been abducted.

Many abductees do not want their story told.  Why would they tell the world something that would label them as odd, strange or crazy? They know that’s how they will be perceived. What they once believe was a flight of fantasy created by the delusional, has now become their reality. Abductees are often shocked, frightened, angry, and driven to find out more about what happened to them and why. They are not looking for fame of recognition—just answers.

Alien abductions continue to be reported. For some it is a reality, while others believe it is a loss of mental control, a psychotic event, or some type of sleep disorder. For the abductees it is their new reality.

Hard evidence like implants and scars are still under investigation so we are left with abductees’ testimonials.  Where do you stand on alien abduction? Do you side with the abductees or the skeptics? I would love to hear your opinion.

~Kathy Porter