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Were the Grays Given Permission by a United States President to Abduct Humans?

November 19, 2014

United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower met with Space Aliens according to Col. Phillip Corso who served under him. He’s not the only proponent of the fact that aliens met with Eisenhower.

In 1954 the Grays, that were orbiting Earth, finally landed at Holloman Air Force Base. Holloman AFB became the site of several future meetings with President Eisenhower. Film producers Robert Emenegger and Allan Sandler claim to have been given access to, and witnessed actual archived film footage of that meeting with the Grays in 1971.

Starting in 1941 with the Roswell Space Alien crash, reports and books insist that Aliens are here, and the government is and has been aware of them. Are these all conspiracy theories? After investigating several reports and reading several books, which give extraordinarily similar stories, I am more convinced the events are in fact real.

Many reports claim that at one of these meetings Eisenhower gave the Grays permission to abduct a certain amount of humans for a limited time. The Grays were given permission to use humans and create a hybrid race, a merger of their DNA with ours. It is also believed that the Grays failed to honor the limits of that agreement.

Is this a case of the government secretly allowing aliens to covertly take our DNA and use it to create entities that are part human without our permission? If you were a victim of an alien abduction and discovered your DNA was used to create these children, would you be accepting of it? Do humans have a strong desire to care for their own, even if not completely human?

In both my Gray Guardians Series books “Earth’s Ultimate Conflict” and “Escape From Nuur”, alien/human hybrids are created. We are forced to face these hybrid children that are part human from our own DNA. A character from both books, Ellen McCarthy is actually forced to decide between her hybrid children and her human child. Could this be a fate we will all face in the future?

What are your thoughts?



Allergies, Not a Bacteria or Virus Could be the Next Pandemic

November 14, 2014

Over fifty million people suffer from allergies in the USA, and thousands of new victims of chemical, airborne, and food allergies being reported every year. Could allergies become a pandemic?

Some people, like myself, are even allergic to the over the counter drugs used to counteract allergic reactions. This problem isn’t going away anytime soon. Our systems are inundated with new chemicals, pollens from hybrid flowers and plants, and our processed foods have so many unpronounceable ingredients its difficult to know if its real food fit for consumption. What about the controversy over genetically modified foods or as the Europeans call them ‘Frankenfoods’? Many claim these new foods and products are the cause of their allergies.

The human body usually rises to the occasion and our DNA gives us the advantage of evolution as a tool to adapt to our ever-changing environment. So what has changed? Are there too many changes too fast for our bodies to evolve quickly enough? Are the foods and chemicals we use excessively complex?

Or perhaps it’s more sinister. Perhaps it has to do with intervention by a covert entity using our allergies to their advantage.

In “Earth’s Ultimate Conflict” thousands of humans fall ill. They discover it is a pervasive allergy called Severe Environmental Allergy Syndrome (SEAS). Victims allergies are so severe thousands are forced into isolating tent cities where air, food, and water are purified to prevent further reactions. They must discover if it is truly natural causes or if it has to do with millions of alien abductions by the Grays being reported.

In the movie “The Fourth Kind”, Abby Tyler (played by Milla Jovovich) is nursing an allergic reaction on her left shoulder from contact with aliens or something they did to her. Because “The Forth Kind” based on a real event and “as it happened” footage, we know for a fact contact with aliens has caused allergic reactions.

One thing that frightened me about the movie “The Forth Kind” was that I had just gotten over a severe contact reaction on my left shoulder of unknown causes. So using allergies as a pandemic in “Earth’s Ultimate Conflict” hit very close to home.

Do you have allergies? Do you believe you have abducted at anytime during your life? I would love to know if you believe alien contact has caused you any physical problems.