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Do Alien’s Watch Earth’s TV Shows and Movies?

April 15, 2015

Zombies, Vampires, over-reaching governments and corporations, wars, cheating, espionage, and of course many alien based movies where we ultimately conquer the alien hordes trying to take over our planet. What do aliens think about our TV and movie entertainment?


Are alien minds so advanced they not only don’t enjoy, but cannot grasp the our simple entertainment? Perhaps they look and wonder why humans continue to play, and watch pretend episodes of another person’s life?


What about our portrayal of Aliens? Think of them watching one of our alien invasion movies like Independence Day, where powerful aliens invaded Earth and we ultimately defeated them. Or perhaps watching a classic like War of the Worlds, would they fear of our viruses and bacteria’s, or our cinematic ability to conquer them? Could what they see on TV and movies cause aliens to fear making contact? Do they have the physical stamina to fight off human illnesses?


I recall a Twilight Zone episode where aliens mistook comic books they found in a young boys tree house as historical documents. Based on the super powers used in the comic books they believe Earthlings were too powerful for them and departed cautiously.


Compare aliens to our human geniuses – they are able to create things as well as decipher formulas far beyond our limited imaginations. Yet, they are often unable to handle or grasp the complex storyline of a movie, assimilate easily into normal everyday life situations, or understand human relationships. These issues are used for comedic as well as dramatic observations in TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, and Scorpion, a new very popular show. On the show Scorpion they actually hire a “normal” person to help explain the world to them. The geniuses inability to relate is very intriguing and often painful to watch.


Based on the lack of our own genius scientists to understand us it is believable that aliens will think of us as nothing more than ants. But will they? I think not. I imagine even aliens went through a documented growth history of their own. Although they are of advanced intellect now, I believe they are still extremely conscious of their own evolution socially, politically, and technologically.


If you subscribe to the Ancient Astronaut theory, aliens have studied us long enough to understand fact from fiction. Perhaps some day soon we will find out what they think about our infatuation with Zombies and Vampires. Do they watch them with as much concern as we do? Do they scoff at our alien movies? After all sometimes our authors and writers predict our creations and futures. Our history has many instances where warriors won what should have been lost. The human spirit and desire to win freedom is a powerful tool.


Let’s consider that not all aliens will be entertained by our TV shows, movies and games. What would they learn about humans from our forms of entertain? Do you believe they will consider us friendly and worth making contact, or do you believe they will think of us as too lowly a life form to care what happens to us?