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When is the Last Time you Saw a UFO?

March 18, 2018


In the past, I would ask if you have ever seen a UFO. With our government taking more of an interest in UFOs coupled with the continuous Vatican UFO investigations it doesn’t appear to be the correct question any longer. The fact is, more people now than ever in modern history see UFOs, and we have thousands of videos, photos and eyewitness accounts. So the more appropriate question is when rather than if you have seen a UFO.

I know, I know there is no proof other than the collective eyewitness’s, videos and photos of UFO’s and alien sightings. What they call circumstantial evidence. In this case, circumstantial evidence is a series of facts stated by a multitude of witnesses often supported with video proof of UFOs. In a court of law, this amount of circumstantial evidence provided to a jury regarding let’s say a murder is taken very seriously when presented. It could potentially put someone in prison for a long time.

So why is circumstantial evidence taken so seriously for murder and many other crimes, but aren’t considered the proof alien existence and their earthly visitations? I understand many of the videos are grainy but have you seen the out of focus conveniences store robbery security videos? Somehow from those blurry videos, they manage to get the perpetrators ID and there is no question they found the right guy, right? The videos are plastered all over the news as proof the robbery took place and they are able to obtain hundreds of tips on how to find the unknown subject within hours or minutes of it being aired.

Nearly all the evidence on alien existence is, of course, circumstantial and therefore subjected to doubt and disbelief. However, even the physical proof of alien implants being extracted from alien abductees is explained away buy most. If a bullet was found in a holdup victim that was made from metal that wasn’t from this earth would it be believed? An implant is pretty much the same as a bullet. It is put in a human body by force and should be considered factual evidence just as a bullet would be. But no, not so with anything alien. In fact is seems all evidence of aliens is considered as more proof they don’t exist. It’s not clear enough, the witnesses are not believed, and the physical evidence is always questionable leading us to one solid undeniable fact. What is believable circumstantial evidence from a crime scene will never be accepted as proof of alien existence, period.

In the Gray Guardians Space Opera Book Series, I delve into the disbelief aliens exist and how potential ‘Men In Black’ types are dedicated to keeping all alien contact hidden with denial and disinformation. The fact that we are very intentionally kept in the dark and the reasons why will stun you.

Gray Guardians is a fictional book series, but you will wonder where reality ends and fiction begins. Also discover a plausible reason for aliens to visit Earth and why they abduct humans.

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The Grays Have A Plan For Humans

August 3, 2016

Did President Kennedy know there was an alien plot? Was it the Pope who divulged the information to a young United States President?

Was the Pope in support of the plot to enslave humans, or did he place our president in grave danger when he enlisted John F. Kennedy’s help to stop it?


What you need to know about our possible future can be found in the Gray Guardians Science Fiction Series

Book One

Earth’s Ultimate Conflict 


Kathy Porter


The near future:

Planet Nuur

Elders’ Council Chambers

“What we predicted over a century ago is now taking place on Earth,” explained the High Council member. “Seismic activity has risen sharply in the last year. Humans are fearful of what their scientists call the Greenhouse Effect. They believe it is causing dramatic atmospheric disturbances. Humans are getting ill.”

The Elder took a long, thoughtful pause. “Our plans are right on schedule. Is the transport ready?”

“Yes, my Elder.”

“Then it is time to begin.”




Aliens, Popes, and President Kennedy

October 5, 2015


We all know the connection between the Catholic Church and aliens has long been considered a fact. There are biblical connections, as well as the religious artwork that depicts their long enduring relationship.

Recently it has been rumored that Pope Francis and the church is preparing us for the existence and contact with aliens. Could this be a Biblical prediction?

In a past blog, I have mentioned the fact that the Catholic Church is and has been investigating and embracing the fact that if there are aliens; “they are our space brothers and sisters,” as well as a blog speculating the Star of Bethlehem could possibly have been an alien spacecraft. So I most definitely believe that the church and aliens have a long history.

It is also rumored that the Pope is denouncing capitalism to make way for our more enlightened space alien friends. There will be no need for mulitiple leaderships or boundaries. We apparently will be an enlightened happy alien/human family in the future.

Since I was raised Catholic, I was also taught that there are many false prophets and to beware of them. As an author, I do write about several species of aliens in my Gray Guardians book series and some are connected to the Catholic Church as well as other religions, including a Jewish connection. Why? Because I cannot fathom that the universe would not consist of enlightened or advanced species that wouldn’t believe in the existence of God, or a creator.

Once I heard that the church and the Pope were possibly preparing us for aliens, I have to say that two thoughts came to mind. First, that Pope Paul VI gave a homily regarding the “smoke of Satan” entering the church and also the speech President Kennedy gave that many believed brought on his assassination.

In this video you can hear President Kennedy’s speech, which came after his visit to the Vatican City and meeting with Pope Paul VI. It is said that the Pope and President had a very stoic handshake exchanged as they said their goodbyes.

It is also important to note that President Kennedy met with the Pope in July of 1963 and gave us this warning speech below (short version; longer version at the end of blog) in September of 1963. On November 22, 1963, he was assassinated.


Could the Pope Paul VI’s homily have been a warning of things to come?

Is the Vatican controlled by an advanced species of aliens?

Did Pope Paul VI give President Kennedy a warning of this impending alien takeover?

Did President Reagan begin his Star Wars program because of this possible alien agenda?

Is this all as disturbing to you as it is to me?

I would love to know your thoughts.

Was the Star of Bethlehem an Alien Spacecraft?

December 24, 2014

There have been many explanations for the Star of Bethlehem. But what was it in the sky that led the Magi to the birth of a King?

Many plausible astronomical events have been cited such as the something known as a triple conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn. This happens when two planets come close together in the sky three times over a short period. It would have been a spectacular sight. If that’s what directed the Three Wise Men it would have had to happen just at the correct time for the birth.

Perhaps it was a comet. A comet sometimes looks like an arrow coming down in the distant horizon of earth as if it is pointing at a particular place. Again this would have had to happen just at the exact time, over just the right place and lasted long enough to lead the Three Wise Men to Bethlehem.

There’s a multitude of astronomical occurrences that could explain the star that announce His birth. All of them, of course, could have been orchestrated by the Lord to bring the new King into the world with a glorious sign.

Or have you ever considered the possibility that the Star of Bethlehem was a UFO that shone brightly over the manger in Bethlehem? It’s not difficult to imagine since the Catholic Church called aliens our “space brothers and sisters”. The Church has been nearly obsessed throughout their history with astronomy. It keeps two huge telescopes at Castel Gandolfo, the summer home of the Pope, and employs prominent astrologers to keep a close watch on the heavens. Some of the Papal Gardens appear to have crop circles from above. Are they searching for the return of aliens or have they been in constant contact since the Birth of Christ?



What do you believe?

Chris de Burgh immortalized this possibility it was a spaceship in a song “A Spaceman Came Travelling”

Merry Christmas!

Enjoy the song.

The United Nations Announces the First Ambassador to Extra Terrestrials…Maybe?

December 1, 2014

United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) has been around since the Russians launched the first artificial satellite called Sputnik 1 into outer space in1957. The office was developed for peaceful use and sharing of Outer Space technology, how to handle space debris, to share in any benefits, and to create a united force for space emergencies to rescue astronauts.

In 2010 the UNOOSA announced the first Ambassador to Aliens, Mazlan Othman of Malaysia, who would be our first contact with aliens. She is expected to coordinate humanity’s response to an extraterrestrial visit.

When told of Othman’s appointment to Ambassador, an expert in space law at the U.K. space agency, Professor Richard Crowther said. “Othman is absolutely the nearest thing we have to a ‘take me to your leader’ person”.

Othman, regarding aliens, has said, “The continued search for extraterrestrial communication, by several entities, sustains the hope that some day human kind will received signals from extraterrestrials. When we do, we should have in place a coordinated response that takes into account all the sensitivities related to the subject. The United Nations is a ready-made mechanism for such coordination.”

Over the years the UN has created a long list of treaties and conventions on the subject of aliens and the handling of outer space from UNOOSA. Nothing created so far can be considered a bona fide alien contact protocol. Perhaps this appointment could change that.

But wait! As with anything regarding aliens this appointment is not without controversy. Although it was announced and highly publicized on September 26 2010, the very next day on September 27th UNOOSA denied naming any such ambassador!

Now we are forced to wonder why the UN would deny such a position exists. As I posted in my last blog: Were the Grays Given Permission by A United States President to Abduct Humans? Don’t we already have reason to believe we have already been contacted?

This leads me to believe they don’t want us to know an Ambassador to ET’s may have been selected to continue with alien contacts and negotiations. So the UN released this information and let’s the media run with it. The next day they deny it and call them out on the story. The media is humiliated, and the public is confused.

Didn’t this same media confusion work for the Roswell cover up in 1942? They released the capture of a flying saucer that crashed and the very next day denied it was a UFO?

It worked then and it works now….and the disinformation continues!


Were the Grays Given Permission by a United States President to Abduct Humans?

November 19, 2014

United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower met with Space Aliens according to Col. Phillip Corso who served under him. He’s not the only proponent of the fact that aliens met with Eisenhower.

In 1954 the Grays, that were orbiting Earth, finally landed at Holloman Air Force Base. Holloman AFB became the site of several future meetings with President Eisenhower. Film producers Robert Emenegger and Allan Sandler claim to have been given access to, and witnessed actual archived film footage of that meeting with the Grays in 1971.

Starting in 1941 with the Roswell Space Alien crash, reports and books insist that Aliens are here, and the government is and has been aware of them. Are these all conspiracy theories? After investigating several reports and reading several books, which give extraordinarily similar stories, I am more convinced the events are in fact real.

Many reports claim that at one of these meetings Eisenhower gave the Grays permission to abduct a certain amount of humans for a limited time. The Grays were given permission to use humans and create a hybrid race, a merger of their DNA with ours. It is also believed that the Grays failed to honor the limits of that agreement.

Is this a case of the government secretly allowing aliens to covertly take our DNA and use it to create entities that are part human without our permission? If you were a victim of an alien abduction and discovered your DNA was used to create these children, would you be accepting of it? Do humans have a strong desire to care for their own, even if not completely human?

In both my Gray Guardians Series books “Earth’s Ultimate Conflict” and “Escape From Nuur”, alien/human hybrids are created. We are forced to face these hybrid children that are part human from our own DNA. A character from both books, Ellen McCarthy is actually forced to decide between her hybrid children and her human child. Could this be a fate we will all face in the future?

What are your thoughts?


Are We Closer to Alien Disclosure?

July 6, 2014

We are constantly bombarded with conspiracy theories and government cover-ups. It doesn’t take long to discover a new hidden truth after a catastrophic incident or horrific murder scene.


The majority of conspiracy are easily compiled by quick thinking theorist who have the ability to take a string of events, many that have nothing to do with the actual event, and link them together in a very compelling and captivating way. So now we are in a dilemma finding it difficult to decipher the truth.


Who are these conspiracy theorists? Could they be government operatives intent on making sure disinformation causes confusion and disbelief? Is it all a grand scheme to keep us in doubt about what the truth is? Many Alien hunters would tend to believe that the “Men In Black” are just that—government agents who enter areas that have had UFO sightings or other exposure to aliens, and quickly cover up any evidence of their existence. A new factual story is released along side of the conspiracy theorists accusation of yet another cover-up and their account of what really took place.


EFN_FrontCover small2 EUC_FrontCoversmall2

Who can keep track of all this mumbo jumbo? You have to admit it is a very effective method of keeping the public guessing and casting doubt.


Many theorize that governments have released information, especially foreign governments like the U.K. and Russia, but the media is refusing to bring it into the open. Could that be another truth and cover-up meant to again complicate and cause enough uncertainty that even the most renowned investigative reporters cannot confidently report their findings?


I wish I could say with confidence that alien disclosure was coming soon, or that the government has finally admitted that they exist. However given the usual report, conspiracy, cover-up, disinformation standard that exist we are unlikely to hear anything soon.

In my Gray Guardians Science Fiction Series I explore what happens in the near future when alien existence is undeniable.


You will have to decide for yourself if I’m just another government operative meant to confuse you.