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People Ask Me If I Have Been Abducted . . .

December 12, 2018


Alien abduction in the middle of the night


Because I write alien science fiction, I am often asked if I had been abducted.  This is possibly because much of what I write depicts the abduction process true to many people’s experiences.


I have not attempted to discover if I am an abductee or not.  However, I have had a number of episodes that could be an indication of being taken.  My earliest recollection of odd events began when I was an infant.  I have a very vivid memory of being in the sky above my home.  Then, returned seamlessly into my parents’ bedroom where my crib was only a few feet away.  I was frightened by the experience, but I was within the arms of a being who seemed to understand how fearful I was.  She lifted the palm of her hand and a small orb lit the room enough to see my parents sleeping peacefully in their bed.  An unspoken voice in my head said, “There, see your parents.  You are now back home,” and I was placed back in the crib.  I don’t recall seeing the face of the being who deposited me home, but I do recall it disappeared in an instant.


This incident never left my thoughts as I grew older.  I remember asking my mother about that night when I believe I was four years old.  She simply passed it off as a dream.


I believe many of us have dreams that actually could depict an abduction in our past.  If they are like me, that dream is a haunting reminder that “something” happened, but aren’t interested in discovering the in fact they possibly were abducted.  Why?  Because even though today there is more of an acceptance of aliens, anyone who claims they were taken by them still is subject to being ridiculed, or not fully connected with reality or worse, by a large portion of our population.


Face it – dreams, good or bad, are manageable explanations.  Discovering proof of abduction by hypnotic regression is a frightening thing, even if the experience wasn’t entirely bad.  It’s not always easy to face the truth.


There is ample opportunity for me to discover if aliens are part of my life, but there is that mystery of the unknown that I believe has helped me create my books.  The idea for the Gray Guardians Seriessprang from a dream that was so intense I couldn’t help but begin telling the tale, and it is still the basis of all my creativity.


So to answer the question, “have you been abducted,” go to my website:  https://www.grayguardians.comand listen to or read the first chapter of Earth’s Ultimate Conflict.  The event depicted, although the names have been changes to protect the innocent, is an actual, terrifying event that happened when my daughter was three months old.  From that point on in the book is speculative, future fiction, but who knows?


You be the judge.


Earth’s Ultimate Conflict Audiobook is now Available!

April 20, 2017

What is that strange occasional ringing in your ears?

Was it just a dream?

Listen to Earth’s Ultimate Conflict again, or for the first time at


Sex with Aliens

February 16, 2016

Recent reports of abductees who recall having sex with aliens have surfaced. This is not a new abduction experience but with the spike of new reports, is something worth investigating.

Over the years there have been reports of humans mating with aliens during their abductions. However, it’s the medical examinations that are more prevalently reported. We have read in numerous reports or watched TV or videos of abductees explaining their experiences, giving us a detailed description of the sometimes painful exams they were subjected to . . . or were they?

Could the medical exam be a secondary screen memory covering the actual act of sex with an alien species? Or is the medical exam the removal of the hybrid child of a previous sexual encounter, especially for women? Perhaps for men, the exam is to determine if their DNA will reap the hybrid child they desire.

Interestingly, those who remember sexual encounters with aliens have different recollections of satisfaction. For some the act was distasteful and painful, while some woman recently recalled it to be the best sex they had ever experienced. Some of the men found that their orgasm was muted and not a “full body” experience.

Whatever the recollection, it seems the one thing in common is the fact that a hybrid child is the ultimate by-product. But why?

Let’s look at the types of aliens for answers. Reports of alien sex have been with tall reptilian creatures, insectoid creatures, even Nordic-appearing aliens and, of course, the most common abductors, the Grays. What reason would all of these creatures have to create children of mixed species?


It doesn’t seem possible all of the alien species mentioned are facing fertility problems and need our DNA to boost their populations, as some believe. Or are we humans one big experiment? Have we been planted here and used as experimental lab rats as some type of back-up plan? Or are the gene pools of children they have been creating meant to become a race of slaves or even worse, are they the lab rats with a closer match for genetic testing or for organ reaping? Would an advanced species experiment with our genetics for their own benefit, with no thought to our well-being?

I choose to believe otherwise. Perhaps they are actually creating a hybrid race that is genetically linked to each of the alien species and with humans for our mutual consideration, once we are all properly introduced. Perhaps this alien species is being created for its eventual reign over us all.

Soon to be released, The Journey, Book Three in the Gray Guardians Series, just may hold the answers we’re looking for.

Would You Leave Earth With Aliens?

June 22, 2015

I have often wondered if I were given a choice ~ would I allow aliens to take me? I have imagined a spacecraft landing just steps from my front door and offer to show me their planet and tour the galaxy. My answer would be yes, after I asked a few questions.


Where is your planet? Is it in our solar system? If not which arm of our galaxy? Or is it in another galaxy? Can I survive in your atmosphere? How long will it take, and what will my food substance be? How long will I stay? Do you eat humans? Now that last one is strictly coming from the “To Serve Man” episode of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone, which terrified me as a child. Should I ask such a question? Of course! You need to ask to be certain you will have a safe flight, right?


Since the history of mankind there has been a belief in the “Sky People.” Almost every country on Earth has found pictures in caves or ornate pyramids, and other structures built to honor them. Aliens are part of our history that can’t be denied. Did aliens come and build great civilizations and then leave Earth for another planet? Or were the civilizations already here and cultivated by the aliens then taken? Were our human ancestors asked to leave with them or taken by force?


So many unanswered questions about the involvement of aliens in our ancient times adds to the mystery of “why are they here”, and what part do they play in what we have become. Still I have to say, if asked permission to take me on the space flight of my lifetime, my curiosity would demand I say yes!”


What would you do?


Some books require more than a cup of tea or coffee to read.




What Would You Say To An Alien?

May 18, 2015

What would happen if an alien confronted you? What’s the first question you would ask?

When I gave these questions some thought I realized I must consider how I would react to the sight of a real alien. Is it one of the Grays, the abductors? Or perhaps a Goiyan, Ja or Guardian, which are some of the alien species I depict in the Gray Guardians Series. Since I write about these aliens, I feel an affinity with them. I believe I know them and would feel comfortable speaking to each of my created species.

But there are unknown, alien species I haven’t created in my writing or heard of. Would I become a shaking, mumbling human, too terrified to speak?

I’m sure we all have fear issues to overcome when faced with an alien, but our curiosity would eventually take over.

Why are you here?

Where do you come from?

Have you been here before?

How far did you travel?

Why are you interested in humans?

Were you involved in our creation?

How long have you been coming to Earth?

Are you here to abduct me?

Have I been abducted before?

These are some of the questions that come to mind with first contact that some of us would ask. Then perhaps we would want more insight into their lives.

Is your planet like Earth?

Do you have families?

What is your job like?

Are you military or is that a private spacecraft?

What is your spacecraft propulsion system?

What is your anti-gravity system?

What type of government system do you live under?

Are there more species of aliens?

Are you carnivorous?


Do you think that during your lifetime you will be aware that aliens exist and could someday be confronted by one? Would you be terrified or are you cool enough to make conversation? What are the questions you would like to ask an alien?

Allergies, Not a Bacteria or Virus Could be the Next Pandemic

November 14, 2014

Over fifty million people suffer from allergies in the USA, and thousands of new victims of chemical, airborne, and food allergies being reported every year. Could allergies become a pandemic?

Some people, like myself, are even allergic to the over the counter drugs used to counteract allergic reactions. This problem isn’t going away anytime soon. Our systems are inundated with new chemicals, pollens from hybrid flowers and plants, and our processed foods have so many unpronounceable ingredients its difficult to know if its real food fit for consumption. What about the controversy over genetically modified foods or as the Europeans call them ‘Frankenfoods’? Many claim these new foods and products are the cause of their allergies.

The human body usually rises to the occasion and our DNA gives us the advantage of evolution as a tool to adapt to our ever-changing environment. So what has changed? Are there too many changes too fast for our bodies to evolve quickly enough? Are the foods and chemicals we use excessively complex?

Or perhaps it’s more sinister. Perhaps it has to do with intervention by a covert entity using our allergies to their advantage.

In “Earth’s Ultimate Conflict” thousands of humans fall ill. They discover it is a pervasive allergy called Severe Environmental Allergy Syndrome (SEAS). Victims allergies are so severe thousands are forced into isolating tent cities where air, food, and water are purified to prevent further reactions. They must discover if it is truly natural causes or if it has to do with millions of alien abductions by the Grays being reported.

In the movie “The Fourth Kind”, Abby Tyler (played by Milla Jovovich) is nursing an allergic reaction on her left shoulder from contact with aliens or something they did to her. Because “The Forth Kind” based on a real event and “as it happened” footage, we know for a fact contact with aliens has caused allergic reactions.

One thing that frightened me about the movie “The Forth Kind” was that I had just gotten over a severe contact reaction on my left shoulder of unknown causes. So using allergies as a pandemic in “Earth’s Ultimate Conflict” hit very close to home.

Do you have allergies? Do you believe you have abducted at anytime during your life? I would love to know if you believe alien contact has caused you any physical problems.

You know that creepy feeling you get when you wake up from a weird dream…or was it a dream?

August 15, 2014

Sometimes I wake up and wonder if what I just dreamed really happened? Do you ever feel that way? Have you ever noticed that you’re not the only one that is disturbed by your dream? Perhaps your dog, cat or even your bird is agitated. Those are the dreams I’m talking about.

So what do you think would cause others around you to also be edgy in the morning after YOUR dream?

Could our minds be so powerful we transfer our emotions to others? Are our pets mind voyeurs that actually dream with us? Or is it a screen dream meant to cover up something more sinister like an alien abduction? Who knows?

Of course there is the possibility it is just a creepy haunting feeling induced by a dream….but still I wonder. Especially since the Gray Guardians Series of sci-fi thrillers was all based off an early morning dream I had some years ago.

I’d love to hear what you think.

Abduction Screen Memory?

August 11, 2014

Okay just a thought for the day. If people abducted by aliens don’t remember they were abducted because of screen memories the aliens provide, how can anyone ever be sure they weren’t abducted?

Are you concerned that is has already happened to you?

In the Gray Guardians Series you will discover a future world you may already be part of.

What’s in the Night Sky?

July 28, 2014

As far back as I can remember I have been a night sky watcher. During my childhood our family would jump into the car for a night at the drive-in movies —there were always two movies back-to-back on Friday and Saturday evenings. Out under the stars, I would often spend more time watching for shooting stars instead of the movie. My reward was always being the first to see a star speeding across the sky and making a wish — or would I call it a UFO today?

I have seen my share of UFO’s, especially when I lived in Arizona for a few years, where there are plenty of clear nights to enjoy my favorite sky-watching hobby. Unfortunately I was not living in Arizona on March 13, 1997, when thousands of people observed a huge V-shaped UFO for 106 minutes.

I also enjoyed several cross-country road trips that turned into great UFO sighting adventures. Nothing tops my own yard to sit with a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate and gaze at the sky, letting my imagination soar.

Okay, so nothing I have seen in the night sky has proven the existence of aliens. What I have witnessed looking out at the sky on a clear night are millions of stars with the potential of planets that may support life. It has instilled in me the firm belief that they are out there, and have already visited Earth.

What have you seen in the night sky?

Have You Ever Been Abducted By Aliens?

July 23, 2014

This is a fair question to ask in today’s ever evolving world. After all we have discovered planets that are capable of life as we know it, the Catholic Church has stated that aliens are our “space brothers and sisters”, the number of reported sightings and abductions continually increasing, and even Astronauts admitting to seeing UFO’s. Plus, NASA leaks make UFO’s and aliens more of a reality every day.

On the popular ‘Coast to Coast’ radio show with George Noory people have an open forum to make their experiences known, some with warnings, while others speak of friendships and enlightenment with alien guides. Either way aliens may well be among us today and we are unaware of their purpose ~ friend or foe.

Although I have my theory of why they are here, and I make it clear in my book Earth’s Ultimate Conflict, the first book in my Gray Guardians Science Fiction Thriller Series, I am not, nor do I claim to be an expert on aliens. However, my insatiable desire to discover why and what they are here for inspired my work.

You may or may not believe in alien life, but I suspect if you are reading this blog post you do. What are your theories on why Aliens have such an interested in Earth and the human race? Feel free to openly speculate.